surrounded by yogi love


The first time I went to a larger, community-event type yoga class, I was hooked. I can remember looking around and being surrounded by bright stretchy fabrics, rows upon rows of yoga mats, and friendly yogi faces, and thinking “yes. these are my people.”

That feeling of belonging, and of having that common bond, is what I like best about the yoga events that have been popping up more and more lately. Even at a regular Wednesday night casual flow class, the more the merrier. I just love a big crowd of yogis.

I get the feeling this isn’t the prevailing opinion re class size, however. I know people who avoid certain “karma” classes because there are always so many people there. Aside from the risk of stretching out and accidentally grazing your neighbour’s sweaty foot, I love these classes the most. (Feet in general skeeze me out, but strangers’ sweaty yogi toes are full-on heebie-jeebie material. Yick!) But really, a second of discomfort is a small price to pay for an hour surrounded by good vibes.

Maybe this is one of those times I’m just being super lame and cheezy, but I just think it’s such a cool feeling. All these people, who range from every end of every spectrum, are all joined together for the same purpose and same love of yoga. As different as we are in the outside world, during that time on our mats, we’re all kinda united.


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