believe it or not…

Some days I really, really don’t want to go to yoga class.

I know. Me. Emily. The yoga junkie who goes around saying yoga fixes everything. I’ve already told you I’m not a perfect yogi. I do actually believe yoga can fix about 97% of everything, but still, some days it is a serious struggle to get myself to yoga class.

After a long day at work dealing with pissy customers and endless small talk about the weather, even another hour surrounded by mostly-silent humans feels like too much people-ing. If it’s either bit cold or rainy or yucky out at all, my pajamas and fuzzy socks start calling out to me. Sometimes my brain decides my spirit animal is actually a sloth, and tries to convince me that crashing on the couch and watching tv is much more my speed. For whatever reason, sometimes I just. don’t. wanna.

BUT I don’t let myself listen to those excuses. I know if I stay home, I’ll regret it. At some point later on that evening, I’ll be kicking myself and wondering why I was so contrary. To this day, I have never, ever finished a yoga class and been like, man, that sucked, why did I even come here?

Now, by no means am I saying that you should ignore any messages your body is trying to give you. A lot of the time, your body is a whole lot smarter than your brain; if it’s telling you you genuinely need a rest day, listen.

Sometimes though, it’s just a bad mood trying to convince you to stay home and mope.

So i drag my bad-mood self to yoga. I couldn’t pinpoint exactly when it happens, but somewhere midway through class I lose the attitude, and the negative inner narrative quiets. There’s still a running dialogue of thoughts, but they’re of the flowy, drifty variety rather than the kind of thoughts that make me annoyed or anxious.

At some point my breath and my body and my mind synch up, and it all just feels good. Peaceful. Right. Without me even noticing, yoga has worked its magic on me again.  By the time I bow namaste to the teacher following savasana, my smile is genuine.

So yeah, I’ll continue to preach my “yoga cures all” philosophy. Even taking a lil time-out from your day to do five minutes of sun salutations can lift you out of a funk. I promise, you are one yoga class away from a good mood.

Total honesty? Tonight was one of those I-don’t-wanna nights. I could have been very easily convinced to get up from the dinner table, change into my pj’s, and spend the night watching Modern Family. I probably would have gone to bed feeling pretty crummy after that though. Instead, thanks to tonight’s practice, I’m feelin’ pretty good right now.

So, tldr?
Yoga fixes everything. Just sayin’.



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