nothin’ but love

I’ve got nothin’ but love in my heart.

More than just sounding like a floaty line in a lame love song, that’s a statement I’d like to be true in my life. The only thing that deserves to take up space in my heart, is love. Hate, sadness, worry, regret? Nah, no room for that ish. All that negativity is not worth the time, energy, or precious real estate in our hearts that we so often give it.


I’m talking about regrets, and past mistakes and humiliations that we drag around, feeling bad about long after everyone else forgets. Worries that keep us up all night, and distract us all day. Sadness that lasts and lasts and that we carry so long it becomes a full-body ache. Why? Why do we give those bad feelings such staying power?

If we could learn to feel those feelings, and then let them go, we’d be much happier humans. We’d have so much more space in our hearts and our minds and our lives to embrace positivity and happiness and love.

You know that expression that says holding a grudge is like letting someone live in your head, rent free? It’s the same kind of dealie. When we hold on to anger or hurt towards another person, the only one who suffers is us. That other person has likely moved on, forgotten it, has no idea it’s still on our mind.

What’s brought on this thinking about grudges and the like? I have one of those five-year journals that asks you a question each day, and you can compare how your answers change from year to year. Simple, short-answer questions, like “What made you laugh today?” or “What made you cry the last time you did?” Not long ago, the question of the day was, “Who are you holding a grudge against?”

I was almost surprised to realize my answer – no one. When I thought of people I’d had issues with in the past – girls I’d fought with, boys who had broken my heart – I no longer had those mad, sad feelings. It was just kind of…neutral. It was a kind of odd, but freeing, realization – those negative feelings and thoughts and people were no longer taking up space in my life. I’d finally let them go, leaving only love for the people still in my life to occupy my heart.

The “let go of the negativity” mindset comes into yoga, as well. It’s easy to get caught up in the things we can’t do instead of the things we can. Sometimes it’s the one pose we still cannot master that we focus on, rather than appreciating how good the rest of the practice feels. The enjoyment and peace we could be getting out of a yoga class is lost when we do this. Instead, if we could just let go of the focus on what we can or cannot do, and accept the practice as it is, we could find that peace once again. Bring the attention back to the positive, peaceful, magical practice and enjoyment of yoga.

If we give negativity space in our hearts or on our yoga mats, it will stretch out and make itself at home. It was make us miserable, if we let it. Instead, we need to fill up that space with positivity, happiness, LOVE. Hold on to those things, and there will always be room for more.

Nothin’ but love for you readers, as well – I’m so glad I have people still reading, even if I’ve been a bit MIA lately, and ramble-y in my writing when I do post. Maybe hopefully I’ll be a bit more insightful soon?

who knows.
Mai pen rai, whateva.
Namaste ❤


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