good things are coming

Things like sunshine, and warmer weather!

Okay, yeah, I know: slow my roll. Living in Newfoundland, where a snowstorm in June is not a terribly unlikely event, I should know better. But I can’t help but feel encouraged that brighter days are on the (possibly far-off) horizon.

Literally speaking though, the brighter days have already started. Daylight sayings time started (or ended? how does that work?) this past weekend, and I’m grateful for the time change (despite the havoc it wrecked on my internal clock). I firmly believe sunshine is one of the strongest natural antidepressants, and already I feel a mental boost from the longer, lighter evenings.

For most people, New Years is the time to try something new, adopt a new good habit (or drop a bad one), or to set a new goal. Others base their new year on the school calendar, opting to “start the schoolyear off right”. New year, fresh start, right?

Eh, I dunno. Since finishing college, September doesn’t hold any special significance for me, and January feels anything but motivating. In September I can look ahead to the months of cold weather and seasonal depression awaiting me, and in January, I’m smack in the middle of that slump. Springtime, however, feels hopeful.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 8.43.22 AM

Springtime makes me crave change. (Just to be clear, I mean self-initiated change, not change that’s sprung on me. I’m still a massive control freak.) After a long, cold, dark, and depressing winter, the start of spring feels so hopeful and fresh. Good things are coming, and I feel motivated to embrace that.

One of the fresh new things of this year’s spring is a new session of classes with the fitness club I teach with. After switching studios, the winter session was my first teaching with SIF, and I was nervous AF. I’d already been teaching for two years, but somehow this felt…realer? Anyway, I’ve gotten through that first scary set of classes, and – wow. Wow wow wow, I’ve loved it. The support from the lead instructors has been amazing, and while I’m still pleased by the simple fact that people even come to my classes, I’ve gotten such good feedback from my new students.Now, rather than approaching each class with nervous anxiety, I look forward to my Tuesday nights, and the post-teaching high that ensues.

So, I’m excited for a new session of that. I’m excited to meet my new students. I’m even more excited to welcome back the students that liked me enough to come back for a second session with me! Honestly, guys, it feels like the world’s best compliment.

I’m also going to be trying to teach more pop-up classes for various groups and events. (Get at me if you’re in need of a yoga teacher!!) I’ve always loved dropping in to a community-based “fun” yoga class or workshop, and I’m excited to be on the other side of that. This weekend I’m teaching a puppy yoga class with the SPCA, and I am so looking forward to it. Nervous, too, because there are umpteen elements of this class that are outside my norm, but I think it’ll be fun.

Look at me, trying new scary things and being excited about it!

I’m always being the broken-record-girl saying you need yoga, you should try yoga, yoga would help that. Buuuut….maybe you should actually try it? Embrace the fresh new-ness of spring and drop in to a class, whether it’s your first-ever-yoga-class, or you’re a seasoned yogi testing out a new style. Approach the new and unfamiliar with excitement rather than fear. Remember that good things are coming, and give them a chance to happen. And if yoga totally isn’t your thing, find something else new to try! Find something that makes you excited to get started, and go for it.

Good luck in whatever new thing you’re pursuing.
Good vibes, from me to you.
Good things are coming.


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