human-body-vehicle maintenance

Imagine you just got your first vehicle, all shiny and beautiful and new (or new-to-you, at least). It’s your favorite color; it has comfy seats; it has all the things you’d ever wish for. You start off with great intentions of taking the absolute best care of it, because wow, hey, this thing is great! But over time, the shiny newness wears off, and you begin to take that car for granted, and eventually it doesn’t even cross your mind that your poor ol’ car could use a lil TLC. You put off stopping for gas until you’re coasting on fumes, and that awful little “E” on the dash is lit up and blinking ominously. You speed over potholes and keep on going, telling yourself, “nah, it’ll be fine”. You crank up the radio, blasting songs you don’t even like, to drown out the grrrr-clunkclunk noise that’s just started happening somewhere from the back end of the car. Pretty soon, that wonderful new vehicle is on its last legs, worn out from all your abuse, and eventually breaking down on the side of the road somewhere.

Before any objections or arguments that nooo, you’d never do that, let’s tweak that scenario, just a little. Pretend we’re talking about your body, instead of a car. You (when you’re not on some terribly unhealthy fad diet) “fuel” your body with whatever’s quick and easy, fast food becoming the foundation of your diet. You ignore that weird little pain in your shoulder, because “that’s nothing, it’ll go away on its own”. You push yourself past the point of “tired”, rushing around to make sure everyone and everything else is all taken care of.

Now, still gonna play innocent?

We’re all guilty of it at times. We have this wonderful, capable, amazing body, and we take it for granted. We run ourselves ragged and neglect to take care of ourselves. Not only that, but then we have the gall to criticize these bodies!

Luckily, humans are a lil more resilient than cars. We keep chugging along, maybe functioning at a lil less than 100%, but still going. Our bodies refuse to give up on us, despite the neglect and abuse.

Do you even realize how frigging amazing that is, how impressive a “vehicle” we have been given to move through life in?? 

Know what’s pretty sad? We take better care of a car – an inanimate chunk of metal – than we do for our own bodies. God forbid we take that nice shiny car and run it into the ground, but we don’t think twice about wearing ourselves thin. Meanwhile, you can absolutely pamper that car – taking it for yearly tune-ups (is that a thing?), washing and waxing it on the regular, filling it with only the tip-top=premium fuel – and still, eventually it’ll come to the end of its days, a lot earlier than a typical human. Imagine if we took that good care of our bodies. We’d be invincible!

I’ll drop the car analogy, because (if you can’t tell) I’m pushing the limits on my car knowledge here. Focusing on just the human-body-vehicle now. Can we just take a minute to be amazed? These are pretty wonderful things we’ve been given; we ought to appreciate them a bit more. We really ought to treat them a bit nicer.

It doesn’t even have to be huge major life changes – just simple things to take care of your body a little bit better. Repay it for all the kindness it’s shown you over the years. Maybe taking the time to have a home-cooked meal with family a few nights a week. Eating things that make you feel good, rather than treating food as an afterthought. Taking a rest day when your tired, pushed-to-the-limit body is yelling at you. Going to the doctor instead of ignoring that headache that just won’t go away. Little things that can make a world of difference.

I feel like I’m rambling, so I’ll end this off here, but I have a bunch more to say. At some point I’m sure, I’ll have another add-on post, about appreciating all the things your body does for you, and just how much it loves you and fights for you. And about self-care, and how very essential it is. And about YOGA, and how it relates to all that (I can seriously make yoga concepts apply to anything, it’s a life obsession LOL).

Anyway, if you take anything from this, I hope you think twice next time you’re about to make a less-than-good-for-you choice. Maybe take the extra few minutes to do something kind for your body, a lil extra TLC. Okay?

Sending you kindness and hugs and all the good vibes, from my human-body-vehicle to yours, Namaste

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