sah wah dee khaa from thailand!

I laughed when people were telling me “oh have a nice trip to Thailand! That’ll be so relaxing!”

Im doing a 200-hour yoga teacher training. Did NOT expect this to be a relaxing vacation by any means. But strangely, I’m feeling more relaxed and at ease than I have in months. Just walking out of the Chiang Mai airport felt like a sigh of relief, like coming home, safe.

I sound crazy, I know. Thailand just has a special place in my heart.

Meanwhile, the teacher training has been intense. We start each day at 6:30AM, doing three hours of yoga practice, pranayama, and meditation before breakfast. The rest of the day is spent listening to lectures on different practical and spiritual elements of yoga, learning how to sequence a yoga class, breaking down and anazlyzing yoga poses, and basically getting Real Deep into our yogic studies. 630AM-645PM, six days a week, yogayogayoga. It’s a lot, even for me. I’ve realized my brain has totally forgotten how to do “student mode”. (It can’t be too bad; I got a 97% on our first quiz!)

Aside from the actual study stuff, everything else here is wonderful. (Not that the coursework isn’t great, it’s just…intense.) The resort we’re staying at, Mala Dhara Eco Lodge (Id post a link, but writing from my phone it’s way more complicated than Im attempting right now), has been serving us the most delicious food. Vegan thai food, all made with super fresh, wonderful ingredients and cooked with love. The weather has been sooo nice, it’s going to kill me to go home to Newfoundland winter. 33degrees every day? I’m okay with that! The resort itself is gorgeous, our teachers are down to earth and so knowledgeable, and all the other students have been such sweethearts. Life is good.

As impractical as it would be, Im kind of missing having my laptop. Typing on my phone is a pain in the arse, and I’ve felt SO inspired to write since I’ve been here. Hopefully some of it sticks in my mind to write once Im home?

Anywho, just letting you all know I’m alive and well.  I’ll be home and cold again before I know it, so for now I’m headed back out into the sunshine.

Namaste, much love! ♥️



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