awful, shitty, really bad luck – and gratitude.

Do you ever have one of those weeks that make you wonder what the hell you ever did to be on the receiving end of such bad karma? When the whole universe seems like it’s conspired against you? When so many things have gone wrong that you’re at the crazy-stressed “hahahahaha-at-least-things-can’t-get-any-worse” stage of despair?

Yeah? That was me, last week.

I won’t get too detailed in my complaining because I know, I wouldn’t want to listen to anyone else’s whining either. Briefly put, I got a flat tire, my kitten got sick, and I got rejected for the Indian visa I’d need in order to actually go on the trip I’ve been planning for months. Bangbangbang, three days in a row of just awful, shitty, really bad luck. Two new tires, a variety of cat meds from the vet, and a fortune in cancellation fees later, I was feeling a lot poorer and a lot more “oh, poor me“.

I find it really easy to slip into pity party mode, and there’s no point in trying to tell you I haven’t been a bit of a mope. As much as I like to believe everything happens for a reason, some things just suck. I’m annoyed at how much all these mishaps have cost me, I’m worried about my kitty (FYI, she is doing a lot better now; she’s a wild, happy, healthy kittacat once again), and I’m really, really disappointed about not going to India.

But I’m trying to stay somewhat positive. One of my intentions for 2018 was to keep a gratitude journal, and even a few weeks in, I’m glad I started. I’ve kept a daily journal for the past number of years, but a lot of the time each entry would include a fair bit of complaining. Instead, now I limit it to the good things – a short, simple note of something good each day, something that made me feel grateful and happy. And it’s surprising – even on the awful, shitty, really bad luck days, there are good parts in there too. Like my parents, swooping in to save my butt way more often than should be necessary (and not even complaining when I call them at 10pm from the side of the highway in my broken-down little car). Chocolatey poptarts, fuzzy jammies, and a sleepy kitten on my lap after a long stressy day. My yoga practice, which takes the edge off of all kinds of bad moods, and is 97% of the reason I’m a (relatively) sane human most days. The little, everyday, really really good things.

Actually stopping to acknowledge those little things makes a big difference.

So I’m trying to stay positive, and I’m trying to keep believing that everything happens for a reason, even if that reason isn’t immediately obvious to me. Up until the flat tire, I’d been driving around on summer tires, so a few days later when the streets were at their winter-storm-worst, I really appreciated my brand-new winter wheels. Cancelling my big Indian adventure – I’m still waiting to see how that’s going to turn out for the better. But “good things fall apart so better things can come together” and all that hooey, right?

Next time you’re having one of those woe-is-me, everything sucks days, just try the gratitude thing. Find just one good thing in your day – it doesn’t even matter how small it may seem – and focus on that. Not everything sucks, I promise. See if it makes a difference.

If not, you’re fully welcome to direct your frustration and annoyance at stupid me and my stupid blog and my stupid positive attitude. I’ll be too busy thinking of the good things to dwell too much on your negativity!

No worries
Mai pen rai.
Save the whales.
Namaste ❤
(All that good stuff)


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