new year, new mindset

“New year, new me!”

*Pause here while I search (in vain) for an eye-roll emoji*

If your Facebook newsfeed is not already plagued with the fitness, diet, self-improvement hype of the new year, prepare yourself. It’s coming.

While I’m not necessarily hating on the whole idea of making a resolution to be “healthier”…I kind of am. When people say they plan to be healthier in the new year, generally they mean they’ll eat less, work out more, lose weight. As if that’s the key to a good life. As if that’s the fix to all their problems. In fact, the very definition of the word resolution is “the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter”. So what are we saying is the problem here, ourselves?

Sure, self-improvement is a good thing. But maybe we need to reframe the way we think, and talk, about it. By setting a “resolution”, it’s as if we are saying “this is a problem I need to fix in the new year,” or “I am a problem I need to fix”. It just feels unnecessarily negative; you are not a problem.

What if, instead of setting resolutions, we set intentions? Good thoughts, goals, plans for the new year? Already it sounds more positive. An intention focuses more on a goal, and how you’ll feel, rather than on having a problem that needs fixing. So while you may still want to “be healthier in 2018”, maybe there’s a different way to look at it. Maybe you could intend to “try a fun new sport”, or “feel more energized and happy”, rather than resolving to “lose that last five pounds”.

Or maybe your intentions for 2018 are completely unrelated to the fitness world. Mine are. If I were taking the more negative route, I could say I’m resolving to stop being an ungrateful spacecase. Positive intention version? In 2018, I intend to be more grateful and present in my everyday life. See? Same goal, really, but it’s all in how you frame it. I intend to stay off social media in the mornings until at least after breakfast, and put the phone down while I’m with friends, and I intend to keep a gratitude journal each night. Little things, but I think they’ll make a difference. I want to be able to look back, and really remember my days, and the good things in each day.

Whatever you’re hoping to achieve or change in the new year, see if you can change your mindset to a more positive one. You are not a problem that needs to be fixed. You are a capable, wonderful, unique miracle and the universe has nothing but good intentions for you. Bring your own good intentions to this new year and to each new day.

May 2018 bring love, and peace, and health, and happiness to you, and may you have a year filled with good things.


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