dear yoga (a love letter on international yoga day)

Dear yoga:

I hope that by writing this, today, I don’t sound like the crappy boyfriend who only buys flowers on Valentine’s Day. You know I love you every day, right? If I could, I’d wear lulu’s and “I heart yoga” shirts every day, and run away to some beautiful beach with just my yoga mat. Unfortunately, y’know, the life stuff gets in the way.

But yoga, thank you. Thank you so much for everything you’ve brought to my life. You just get me like nothing else. I step onto my yoga mat, and just feel at home. You let me forget the stress of yesterday, the anxieties of tomorrow, and just let me enjoy the bliss of now. I’ve read self-help books, been to psychologists and doctors, and nothing helps my mind as much as you do. Thank you.

Thank you for the lessons you’ve taught me. You’ve taught me to be patient, but also to be stubborn. To not give up on my goals, but not to get frustrated when they don’t come so easily. For that, yes, I’ve hated you at times. But all true loves have those little bumps in the road; I’ve learned to appreciate the challenges you throw at me. I still love you.

Thank you for the strength you’ve given me. I never thought I’d be a “strong” person, but I impress myself sometimes! And that’s all you. Thank you for teaching me to appreciate my body, to even sometimes love it, and to admire all the cool things it can do.

Thank you for the wonderful people you’ve brought to my life. Along with my love for you, yoga, so much love has been added to my life. I’ve met such kind, beautiful humans in yoga classes. From teachers, to fellow yogis, and now even my own students, I feel such a connection and understanding. We’re all here, feeling this yogic magic, because of you.

Yoga, you’ve made my world a happier, healthier place, and I’ll forever be grateful.
Thank you, have a beautiful International Yoga Day.

Namaste ❤


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