just STOP with the diet talk already, please!

So. I may have had a little unicorn-frappeccino-induced-rage on Facebook last week. I’m sure you’ve seen the stuff going around denouncing Starbuck’s latest concoction. The way people are getting on, you’d think it was chock-full of cocaine and battery acid. Guys, it’s just sugar – calm down. Yes, it may be a lot of sugar, but it’s not gonna kill you. I’m fairly sure no one’s drinking a bright pink frappe under the presumption that it’s providing them with a full range of vitamins. It’s a treat. Just let it be that, and stop the shaming, okay?

This kind of food-shaming, weight-loss, “self-improvement” crap is everywhere, and it’s exhausting. How and when did society develop such unhealthy mindsets in the name of health??

Along with all the pages I legitimately follow, thanks to the magic of targeted marketing and that thing Google does, my newsfeeds on every form of social media are full of yoga stuff. For the most part, yeah, that’s great, I love it. But more and more lately, articles pop up with titles like “5 Yoga Poses to Bust Belly Fat!” or “How Yoga Helped Me Lose 30lbs!”


Yoga is my safe place – no diet talk! It’s my one time I can fully tune out the stress and anxiety of everything else – please don’t invite that kind of noise into the yoga world! My mind really, really needs that break. And even on a physical level, yoga is about appreciating my body, not changing it. It’s about listening to your body to find what feels good, not pushing yourself to exhaustion just to burn more calories.

This topic kind of came up the other night at our little yoga teacher meeting. If I didn’t already love everything about teaching at the studio, this would have done it. My boss (boss? I feel like she wouldn’t want to be called that, but for lack of a better word…) is of the same mindset as me, and I am SO THANKFUL for that. Our studio is not about that gung-ho, tone-those-abs, fitness attitude. It’s exactly what the name says – My Happy Place. A place to find some inner calm and happiness through yoga.

I want that to come through in my classes, and for my students to leave feeling good about themselves. I want them to listen to their bodies and rest in child’s pose if they need to, or work a little harder if that’s what feels good. You’re not going to hear me saying stuff like “oh, this pose is great for toning up your thighs”, or “come on, you’ve got to burn off that donut!” If anything even remotely like that comes out of my mouth, please, someone smack me.

I could rant on about this for days, so I’ll leave it at that for now. But seriously, can we stop it with the weight-loss obsession? Drink the Starbucks, eat the donuts, do the more gentle yoga flow – just do what makes you happy!!!


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