sunshine, mindfullness, and a whole lotta cheeze

SUNSHINE! For anyone who questions the legitimacy of Seasonal Defective Disorder, days like this should be enough proof to set you straight. It’s hard to feel mopey and sad when the sun is up, the sky is blue, and it is (finally!!) a little bit warmer than freezing outside.

Everything seems better when it’s sunny, my yoga practice included. Getting on my mat this morning just. felt. GOOD.

Here’s where I get cheezy and wanna-be-insightful. Not every day is gonna feel good. Some days yoga might be the last thing you want to be doing. Some days might be struggle-y and frustrating and feel like you can’t even handle the simplest flow. And some days, you literally might not be able to do yoga even if you wanted to, because your body just won’t cooperate.

All of which make the days like today, where your vinyasa feels like magic, all the more special. It makes you appreciate your body just a little bit more.

A few months back, over the holidays, I got a stomach bug. I am the girl who never gets sick, but this completely wrote me off. A whole week of feeling like absolute death, with no strength, no appetite, and definitely no yoga. Definitely not a happy week.

My first attempt at yoga after I was feeling better, I can remember being worried that I’d be useless – that after a week away from my mat I wouldn’t be able to do any of the poses I’d worked so hard on. I started off slow, but it all came back. Human bodies are so amazing and resilient! During that practice, I just felt so grateful to my body for the things it could do, and I wish I consciously felt that way more often.

Today kind of felt like that. Obviously not because I’ve spent the past week throwing my guts up, but because I felt grateful for my body and my yoga practice and the beautiful day I was about to enjoy. (Cheezy, yep, sorry.)

It’s so easy to mindlessly power through a yoga flow, and slip out of that grateful mindset. Same goes for life – it’s easy to forget all the good things we have in our day-to-day. Sunshine helps, in appreciating it all. Maybe today, soak up all the sunshine and good vibes you can, and save it for a day that doesn’t feel so good. Even on a pooey, grey Newfoundland spring day, you can choose to be grateful and remember the good feels of sunshine and yoga and happiness.

…Or you can be a miserable grump and ignore this entire lame post. Your call, no worries.


mai pen rai, namaste, enjoy your sunny Sunday 🙂


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