…i have a way with words

“Rising up into Warrior 2, you want your right foot to be…” where?? How do I normally cue this?!? Come on, come on words, finish your sentence!! “…right there at the end of your leg.”

Seriously? Ugggggh. I’ve been speaking English for a good 20+ years – you’d think I’d have a better grasp of the language by now. It amazes me how many times within a short one-hour class I can completely lose the word I’m searching for.

Self-conscious giggle, shrug it off, move on to the next flow.  Halfway through a chataranga it comes to me – you want your right foot to be parallel to the back edge of your yoga mat. Damn it. Okay, yes, yup, good to know, remember it for next time. (I’m almost positive I fumbled my words on the next Warrior 2 as well…)

At this point, I’d say it’s a really good thing I’m able to laugh at myself. If I were hell-bent on taking myself uber-seriously and portraying a flawless yoga teacher, I’d be a wreck. It’s not the end of the world if my words aren’t always poetry; I’m not gonna beat myself up about it.

…Hopefully my students are as forgiving as I’m trying to be with myself?
Either way, I appreciate every one of you that comes to my classes, and thank you for your patience as I’m learning. You’re the best, I hope you’re enjoying my classes, and the blog too if you’ve been reading!

Anyway, before I get too jumbly-worded and ramble-y, I’ll end this. Namaste, happy Wednesday! ❤



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