confessions of a bad yogi

Bad Yogi Confessions:

  • I have the attention span of a goldfish, and meditation is most definitely not my forte.
  • The only way I can tolerate green tea is with enough sugar in it to negate any and all health benefits (tolerate being the key word – it still tastes like stale grass).
  •  I deal with anxiety and depression, and no, I can’t “yoga that away” – I take meds.
  • 99% of the time, if I try to be fancy and use the sanskrit name of a pose, I’m saying it completely wrong.
  • I trip over my own two feet more often that I’d like to admit.
  • I curse like a sailor, laugh at terrible puns, and think mid-yoga-class farts are hi-larious.

So no, I’m not exactly a perfect yogi. That graceful, vegan girl who meditates and is zen AF, 24/7, is just not me. But who even decided that that’s what characterizes a “good” yogi? And who says being a bad yogi isn’t a good thing??



Erin Motz is the lovely human responsible for the Bad Yogi movement/blog/YouTube channel. She set out to break the stereotypes that surround yoga culture, and to prove that it’s okay to break that perfect yogi mold and be a bad yogi – own it, embrace it.

I absolutely love her revolution. Although I’ve stated in a previous post that that stereotypical yogi persona is practically an urban myth, I think it’s still an image ingrained in a lot of people’s minds – yogis included. I think it’s very easy to compare yourself to that imaginary, ideal yogi and feel unworthy, unqualified, not good enough to be a true yogi. That yucky, shameful feeling is what the bad yogi movement is all about destroying.

Yoga is for everyone. There are absolutely no rules saying that you have to do this, or don’t do that in order to be an acceptable yogi. Who cares if you need your espresso in the morning to feel like a real human? So what if zoning out in front of the tv is as close as you’re gonna get to meditation? And if listening to gangsta rap on the way to get burgers with your friends makes you happy, no worries. You do you, boo.

If you enjoy yoga, and stepping onto your mat gives you that little yogic glow of happiness – who cares about the rest of it. You’re a yogi. Maybe a bad one – but hey, I’m okay with being a Bad Yogi.

Total Badass-ery, Yoga-Style.

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