nobody starts out as an expert

My first experience with yoga, I spent most of the class frustrated and giving the teacher “seriously? seriously??” glares.

My second attempt (several years later) left me stiff and with achey muscles for about a week afterward.

My third (just a week later this time) was still pretty struggle-y, but I kept at it.


Somewhere in the three-ish years since then, I’ve gotten to a place where I’m confident in and proud of my personal yoga practice, and I’m even beginning to teach.

Where am I going with this? Just trying to make it clear that this is not an overnight thing. No one jumps on their yoga mat for the first time and pops into a perfect svarga dvijasana – or even knows what that is. Seriously – everyone starts out a beginner. I’m sure most yogis can remember their first class and how hard it was.

I’ve heard so many times, people say they don’t want to go to one yoga studio or another because they’re afraid they’ll be judged for being a newbie. Guys – noooooo. Please don’t be intimidated like that! You know that stereotypical perfect, pretentious, holier-than-thou yogi that everyone’s so afraid of? I’m pretty sure they’re an urban legend. Yogis are nice people! Really – we’re not judging you for being brand new. We don’t care whether you’re decked out in Lululemon gear or old Walmart sweats. We’re not gonna whisper behind your back because you tipped over in tree pose. (Side note – if you talk during class, we might judge you a lil bit -shhhhh!)

Just saying. Don’t let fear of not being good enough keep you from giving yoga a try. Yoga is for everyone – there are all kinds of props and modifications and adjustments to help you out along the way! Start where you are; use what you have; do what you can. The fancier stuff can wait – one of these days, you’ll get there!

So, in saying all that, I’m teaching again this Tuesday evening – hope to see a few of you newbies there! 🙂

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