wtf is mai pen rai?

I’m sorry, you guys. I probably owe you a little explanation.


I’d be willing to bet at least one of you saw the name of this blog and was like “mai pen rai yoga? what the crap does that mean??” And yeah, it doesn’t make sense for me to name it that and just leave it, without explanation. I’m not making up words again, promise.

“Mai pen rai” is actually a Thai expression. Loosely translated, it means “no worries” – the Thai version of hakuna matata, if you will. On my first trip to Thailand, I got it tattooed on my arm. I’ll admit – initially, I was just being a lame tourist that wanted a traditional Thai tattoo, and mai pen rai sounded pretty cool. Since then, it’s kind of become a personal mantra (along with “kumbaya, save the whales, all that shit”). As a chronic worrier, I have to force a “no worries” attitude on myself fairly often.

How does that tie into yoga? My yoga mat is my safe place – free from worries, to-do lists, stress – and I think it should be for everyone. I’ve preached it to anyone who’ll listen – yoga has been better therapy for me than all the “real” therapy I’ve done. I want to share that with people. As a yoga teacher, I want to be able to give my students that time of peace and no worries, and to be able to bring that off the yoga mat as well.

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