march 21, 2017

So I might need a little practice before I can say I’m the next Rachel Brathen or Candace Moore, but I think I did a pretty alright job of teaching my first yoga class!

I could pick out an infinite number of little things I did “wrong”, but in trying to keep a yogic attitude, I won’t dwell on them. It’s about practice, not perfection, and nobody starts out as an expert, right? I can only get better from here, is how I’m looking at it.

And besides, I’d rather focus on the positive things about my class tonight. I had a good-sized crowd, including a few of my friends who rushed in from work to make it on time (which I appreciate so, so much, you guys). I didn’t stutter, no one fell over, and no other catastrophes took place. A few people even complimented me after class, and said they’d be back next week!

Tonight, I think, was further proof to me of the magic of yoga. Attending a yoga class always makes me feel better, but teaching a yoga class feels like a whole other level of … happiness? contentment? satisfaction? (probably not peace, I was still pretty nervous!)

I’d had the worst kind of a day. Work was stressful, and at one point I was crying at my desk in front of a customer. During any idle moments, my worried mind crept back in with anxiety about teaching this evening. PMS may be partially to blame, but overall, I was an anxious, distracted mess of a human today.

And somehow, over the space of the hour I spent at the yoga studio, all that bad energy disappeared and I came home happier than I’ve felt in weeks. I’m doing something I absolutely love, and I’m so excited about it.


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